Dana Suleymanova

Born in 1996 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Dana Suleymanova is an artist that lives and works in Philadelphia. She has a BFA in Studio Art and a certificate in Digital Arts and Media from The University of Texas at Austin. Dana has shown in spaces such as Inferno Gallery, Sill Space, BOX 13 Houston, Whitespace Gallery, Notsuoh, The North Door, Tacheles Gallery, Visual Arts Center, BlueOrange Gallery, Dimension Gallery, Aurora Picture Show, The Museum of Human Achievement, and has curated various exhibitions including Spam's–The Internet: The Restaurant and C0MPUTER P$YENT0L0GY in conjunction with Fusebox Festival. Her practice is a playful dissection of power structures through objects and queer performativity. Working primarily in the mediums of sculpture, new media, and performance, her pieces explore the often humorous and clunky navigation of personal identity.